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Double Header medal for participants of both Toolen's                    'Top of the Morning' 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run

and Beacon's Virtual Run/Walk/Hike!

We are also awarding special medals for participants who are also members of the

American Heart Association or Road Warriors Running Club!

(can only claim a total of 1 medal)

E-mail mileage log/results to or fax to (618) 222-8948

U. S. Military honors!

We have special medals to show appreciation for  the work and sacrifices of the men in women of the U.S. Military.

Sign up as Individual or a team

Run/Walk or Hike anywhere in the world!

Either "lone it" or "the more the merrier"!

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Participate in the DOUBLE HEADER! Register for both Toolen's Running Start 'Top of the Morning' 5K/Fun Run AND Beacon's Virtual Run/Walk/Hike and get a Double Header medal!

Beacon Virtual Run/Walk/Hike 

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